We have been listening – read our actions to your survey feedback here

8 January, 2020


You have asked; here are some things we are going to do..

1) You have asked for shower gels in the toilets

shower gels are now in place in the changing rooms.

2) You have asked us to sort out the sound in the studio

The sound quality is really important to us and we know it impacts your experience. We are have been replacing headset units 1/ month. We also have a new receiver should sound be problematic. We frequently test the sound, and instructor voices can be heard without issue – we sometimes struggle; to replicate the fault. Often, all that is needed is a new battery.

3) You have asked us to sort out the locks/ lockers in the changing rooms (as well as provide larger lockers)

new lock mechanisms are already in place and we understand have been well received. Space is at a premium, so we will be unable to change to 4 tier compartments for a larger sized  lockers.

4) You have suggested the gym floor layout is not otpimal

While some people find the gym floor layout to be difficult, there is no current consensus from our team what a new layout could be.

5) You have asked for new spin bikes / spin bike monitors to be returned.

The monitors were removed at the request of our instructors; they were largely ineffective at giving a reliable readout. The gym has a longer-term plan to replace the spin bikes in the studio.

6)  You have asked for more zumba, combat, circuits, pilates, yoga, spin, boxing, kick-boxing, barre, pump, hiit classes

Our class timetable is near full at peak times. The key drivers of class selection and variety is class attendance figures and instructor availability. The wide demands and requests placed on the gym in this survey require a timetable review. January will see some minor changes to the timetable following attendance review and discussions with our trainers.

We will be re-introducing our traffic light system, so that any classes at risk of being removed or changed will be shown via in gym posters, social media posts as well as the instructor letting you know directly in class.

7) You have asked us to improve the studio space flooring

The studio floor was sanded and re-varnished late in December. We hope you like the new flooring and once again if you missed your usual class, we apologise for it not being on the timetable.

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