Want to know what’s beyond the scales

12 February, 2020

The Fitness Mosaic now has a FREE to use Inbody Scanner

In under two minutes, members are able to take an accurate body fat scan giving them a breakdown of lean muscle mass and body fat.

Once scanned, your results are uploaded to an App that will show and track your history.

Adjust your training, put some distinctive steps to alter your lifestyle or diet, or start working 1-1 with a trainer; the choice is yours!

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle or lose overall bodyweight, the InBody Scanner will give you a body part breakdown of your body composition.

To get the most our of the Scanner simply follow these important steps:

  1. Download the InBody App
  2. Create your profile, entering your height, age and telephone number (be sure to add in the “0”)
  3. Scan Pre-workout
  4. Scan at the same time of day on a monthly basis
  5. Remove lose or heavy metal jewellery
  6. Scan after visiting the loo
  7. Use the special wipes pre scan
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions
  9. The results can be interpreted losely as:
    1. “C” shape curve – Caution body fat loss/ weight advised
    2. “I” Ideal line – Ideal weight to body fat ratio
    3. “D” shape curve – Developed: meaning you have a good lean muscle mass to fat ratio

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