The Fitness Mosaic’s thoughts on Juice cleansing

15 January, 2019

I have lost count of the number of members that have asked our advice when contemplating a juice cleanse; often driven by the lure of a quick fix or clever marketing. I figured if our members were looking for an unbiased opinion, you might be too.

Do juice cleanses deliver on their promise?

Feel energised

Boost your immune system

Strengthen your bones

Make your skin glow

Aid weight loss

These are just a few of the many benefits plugged by the vast number of juicing companies.

I totally understand why a juice cleanse appears a popular choice. These colourful bottles of juice hold the promise of instant weight loss, an easy body detox and a kickstart to the metabolism. But at what long term cost? Are juice cleanses doing more harm than good?

Juice for thought;

1. Are you drinking juice to replace real food?

If you are, you will be lacking vital nutrients your body needs.

  • Fibre. This is key. Keeps us fuller for longer and prevents over eating.
  • Protein. Another biggy for me. Again, fills us for longer and allows us to build and maintain lean muscle. As we know, lean muscle burns calories – even at rest.

2. Most juice cleanses total 1000 – 1200 calories a day.

What do you think this will do to your metabolism? My guess it slow it down dramatically. Also, with such low calories your body is likely using muscle tissue for it’s energy source rather than fat. Another low point of low calorie regimes.

3. Have you given thought to your post-cleanse menu?

When you begin to eat solid foods again, any ‘weight’ that has been lost will simply be put back on in the form of fat cells.

I have seen members finish a juice cleanse and go for steak and chips that night at an event. Short term win as they appear ‘skinnier’ for the event. Long term loss due to the damage to the metabolism.

4. Sugar.

Most juice cleanses are fruit based. In turn usually meaning high in sugar. Also, without the fibre, we tend to absorb fructose sugar more easily.  Often overworking our livers and turning fructose into fat.


In our opinion, a cleanse/detox is simply putting less rubbish in and there will be less rubbish to rid.

So, when I want to cleanse, I slowly start to peel back my rubbish, one at a time, bit by bit. Never eliminating anything altogether just gaining control and making informed decisions of what I am putting into my body.

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