7 November, 2019

Started my journey 10 June 2019 after I saw my old school friend in the gym and she had lost weight and looked good! I asked her what she was doing and she recommended me Jelil, so I spoke to him first as I had bad experience with a previous Personal trainer which I had been training for a year and was seeing no results! Must say he was straight up and put me on the fit quest machine in the gym! He said this will be the results not him telling me that I look good or have changed! One month training and eating good look at the results! Was 86.6 when I started with him and one month 3 sessions a week I’m 79.8! That’s results can’t wait to carry on until I hit my goal! The workouts he does with me are different every week & not the same thing over and over.


7 November, 2019

​Since training with Des I have achieved goals that I wouldn’t have even set a year ago, completing a Tough Mudder and learning how to do one arm press ups have been highlights. Des really knows how to get results and keeps training fresh by regularly introducing me to new goals and exercises. Because of this I am probably the strongest I have ever been and enjoying my training more as I continue to improve.


7 November, 2019

Jeff has an amazing ability to translate and convey scientific information to the athlete/client within the framework of their specific targets. I appreciate all the help and guidance Jeff had given me over the time I spent training under him. It has paid off ten-fold!


7 November, 2019

What I’ve achieved with Oliana is far more than my expectations. Oliana’s dynamic style and motivational attitude keeps me coming back for more. Her workouts are challenging, varied, but immensely fun! Oliana has a great way of getting more out of someone and has the perfect balance of strictness when I’ve needed a kick or compassion to inspire and motivate me.

Daniela Leitao

7 November, 2019

Daniela is a fantastic personal trainer. She listens to you, she assesses you and she makes sure your sessions address your needs. She is incredibly personable and fun which makes working out all that more enjoyable. She is also great at pushing you that little bit more at the right time so you challenge yourself, but it’s not in a pushy way, and you actually feel great afterwards and she was right to do it! I would 100% recommend her as a personal trainer.

Daniel Grant

7 November, 2019

I enjoyed the change that I thought would never happen. I have a new body! I have gained a new way of looking at what I eat and the kind of exercise I do. Daniel you have changed my life!

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