Chatting with Natalie Chandler, Rise & Shine Slow Flow Yoga, Mondays 7-8AM

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Rise & Shine Slow Flow Yoga teacher, Natalie Chandler, recently caught up with The Fitness Mosaic’s Fitness Manager Kris Mrozek to let folks know what they can expect from her Monday 7AM class…

Kris: Hi Natalie, what is Rise & Shine Slow Flow Yoga?

Natalie: Hi Kris. It’s a chance for people to slow down their yoga first thing on a Monday morning, to get the week off to the best possible start. Although it’s Vinyasa-based (so plenty of energising sun salutations) we also spend time on Yin-inspired asanas (postures) for deep, juicy stretches.

K: Does ‘Slow’ Mean it’s a Beginners Class?

N: Rise & Shine Slow Flow Yoga is suitable to all levels. Often slowing down your practice can be challenging even for experienced yogis because you have time to deepen into each posture. For beginners, it’s a great opportunity to build confidence and match movement with breath.

K: Do I Have to Chant?

N: Only if you want to! We start and finish the class with an OM, and occasionally I’ll throw in some balancing bumblebee (Bhramari) breath, simply humming as you exhale. We also practice Ujjayi breath throughout (gentle restriction at the back of the throat, breathing in and out of the nose), which helps you to stay in ‘rest and digest’ mode – aka, your parasympathetic nervous system.

K: I Can’t Touch My Toes, Are You Sure Yoga’s for Me?

N: Yoga is for everyone. EVERYONE!

K: How Can I Tell if I’m Doing it Right?

N: Everyone’s body is different, so the same posture may look and feel different from person to person – it’s important to listen to the feedback that your body is giving to you.

K: But What if I’m *Still* Not Sure I’m Doing it Right?

N: At the start of each class I ask if people are happy with hand-on assisting, and may offer gentle modifications if you’re happy for me to do so (otherwise I keep my hands to myself!) 

K: Are All Levels of Fitness Welcome?

N: Absolutely. I teach modifications with each posture and at any time yogis can take a moment in child’s pose to come back into their breath. Your yoga practice, your rules!

K: When & How Long is the Class?

N: It’s an hour-long class Mondays at 7AM. Mats, blocks and straps will be set up for you when you arrive. If you have any injuries, etc, you’d like to let me know about, please arrive 5 minutes early for your first class.

K: Is There Anything I Need to Bring?

N: Some people like to bring their own mats, although they are provided. Comfy fitness gear is essential, and perhaps a jumper for staying warm in shavasana at the end of the practice.

K: Who Can I Contact if I Have Any Other Questions?

N: You are very welcome to give The Fitness Mosaic team a call on 020 7267 5544 or email Natalie directly on [email protected].