Sitting at a desk

5 February, 2019

We are trying hard at The Fitness Mosaic to support our local businesses.

Sitting down….it has a lot to answer for right? Is your working desk set up correctly? We have jotted a few of our quick tips below to help your seated posture and ultimately, your working posture.


  • You should be able to pull your chair close to your desk.
  • Both feet should be flat on the floor (try not to cross the legs) and have the knees in line with hip joint (you may need a foot rest).
  • The seat should provide support for the upper legs without causing undue pressure on the backs of your knees.
  • Remember sitting on the edge of your seat causing slouching. Your chair whilst keying should allow you to keep your elbows at your side and your forearms horizontal to the ground.

The screen

  • Your screen should be approximately arms length from you.
  • When looking straight ahead your eyes should be level with the top of the screen casing.
  • Make sure characters on your screen are sharply focused and can be read easily. They


The keyboard

  • When working with a keyboard keep your elbows to your side, your forearms horizontal to the ground and your wrists ‘neutral’.

The mouse

  • Remember to positon your mouse close your immediate reach zone to ensure your elbow remains beside your body keeping your forearms as horizontal as possible.

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