Taran Tucker

Personal Trainer


Level 3  Personal Training

“Level 4 Certificate in Obesity &

Diabetes Management”

Les Mills GRIT Series certificate

Indoor Cycling Certificate


Weight Loss

Strength and Conditioning

Endurance Training

Sports Specific Training

Indoor Cycling Certificate


I have always been involved in some sort of physical activity from a very young age. On every possible occasion, my spare time in Bermuda was centred on sports. Whether it was football, tennis, swimming, or equestrian, I was always on the go! I believe my passion and affinity towards health and fitness is a hereditary trait, as many of my family members have excelled in sports locally and internationally. My transition into the fitness industry began a few years back, when I really took a likening towards calisthenics. For me, being able to utilize and manoeuvre your body to its maximum potential lays the foundation for ones desired level of fitness. With this passion in full throttle, I decided to pursue my qualification as a Personal Trainer. My desire to support others achieve a healthy lifestyle has led me to explore all types of fitness classes and challenges, from GRIT Series to Indoor cycling and Tough Mudder.

I’m a highly motivated and results-orientated Personal Trainer, with a passion for improving fitness, increasing stamina, and developing an overall sense of well-being for my clients.

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