Oliana Imanishi

Personal Trainer


Nutritional Therapist

Level 3 Personal Trainer


Weight Loss and Toning

Posture and alignment

Nutritional Therapy consultation


Oliana was born in Belarus, and at a young age moved to Japan to perform as a ballet dancer. She worked as choreographer and performer before moving into the fitness industry.

During the last 7 years whilst working as a Personal Trainer, Oliana has qualified as a Yoga teacher, Anti-Gravity Yoga teacher, Pole Dance instructor, Spin instructor and Body Pump instructor. With all the experience Oliana has, she is still learning and says full of enthusiasm “Client’s needs always push you to develop and grow, every time I work with a client I am learning!”.

Here at The Club, Oliana teaches a range of classes whilst futhering her education in the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond. “Personally I love body weight and functional training, sometimes all you need is your own body as a tool to make you slim, lean and strong”.

What People Say About Oliana:

What I’ve achieved with Oliana is far more than my expectations. Oliana’s dynamic style and motivational attitude keeps me coming back for more. Her workouts are challenging, varied, but immensely fun! Oliana has a great way of getting more out of someone and has the perfect balance of strictness when I’ve needed a kick or compassion to inspire and motivate me.

— Isabelle

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