Daniel Grant

Personal Trainer


Diploma Sports Science

Biosignature Fat Loss Modulation Level 2

 NLP Practitioner


Strength Conditioning Coach

7 Week Body Fat Loss Transformations

Relief From Low Back Pain Specialist

Mental and Physical Strength Coach


I’ve been a personal trainer since 1999: From starting out wanting to play professional football and making it to a semi professional level I went on to work for Watford Football Club as a coach while I chased that dream. After breaking the bone in my upper arm called the humerous, (ironically not funny at all) I decided to change direction and added to my Diploma in Sports Science with a Personal Training Diploma. I became obsessed with personal training and gaining as much knowledge as I could travelling to the world over to study with the best of the best in health and fitness, gaining new and up to date qualifications. I’m always studying and adding to my vast experience in the quest to answer questions and solve the problems you may have with your body, bringing fresh vitality to your life. If you want amazing but more importantly sustainable results for more than a few weeks (whilst enjoying the process) let’s talk.

What People Say About Daniel:

I enjoyed the change that I thought would never happen. I have a new body! I have gained a new way of looking at what I eat and the kind of exercise I do. Daniel you have changed my life!

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