Fitness Mosaic-26

Powerful music on the bike: With a combination of powerful music and static cycling; indoor cycling has been proven to be one of the most effective classes when it comes to getting fit and burning calories.

Indoor cycling comes in many shapes and sizes; some of our classes are “performance based” meaning the ride will echo what it feels like to be on a road bike. Other classes are music and movement driven; That’s right, think “disco on a bike” .

Our team will lead you through a challenging series of hills, mountain climbs, sprints, and interval training that will build leg strength and increase your cardio fitness. Work at your own pace as you cycle along with the group and have fun at the same time.

The practical bits:

 Please get into the studio a few minutes to get your bike set up. Our bikes are “parked” round the sides of the room and you will need to move your bike into position. The class is usually held in a darkened room with pulsing or flashing LED lights.

If you are a keen cyclist,  you are welcome to bring with you spin shoes (SPD) to get the most out of your class. For those new to indoor cycling, wearing suitable trainers is perfectly cool.

The bike needs to be set up for your own body height, so if this is your first class ask the instructor for some help. Bring  a bottle or water with you to place in the handle bar and we always encourage a sweat towel.

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