Boxing classes at The Fitness Mosiac  are both authentic and fun!

The workout covers all the boxing drills including footwork, technique, speed, endurance, power, reflexes and balance. Expect a combination of fitness work, boxing combinations and techniques following boxing-based conditioning exercises. You’ll be thoroughly “worked-out” by the end and will have learnt some key boxing disciplines.

Des has taught across London clubs for 15 years and is a highly experienced class teacher. Des breaks down the discipline into accessible chunks and tailor makes the session so it is applicable for all abilities. Whilst the classes are non-contact, you will be wearing gloves and doing pad work.

The practical bits:

Please bring boxing inner gloves or wraps with you. These can be purchased in the vending machine.  Not only offering protection to your hands they also give a more pleasant, hygienic experience!

If you already own boxing gloves please do bring them along!

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