November Lockdown – how we are dealing with your membership and payment

4 November, 2020

As per the last lockdown, we will automatically freeze everyone’s membership payments.
Clients whose memberships are frozen will AUTOMATICALLY be restarted when we reopen. Your next payment will be frozen and a credit will be issued upon reopening; this will depend on when your payment cycle is and the length of the lockdown.
Can you support us during this lockdown period?
These are challenging times but given the proposed short-term lockdown, we hope you will be able to support the gym in one of the following ways:
1)     Let us run your payment as normal by sending us an email with your very kind instruction.
2)     Email us to give us permission to run a one-off payment. Your membership will be frozen, but you will allow us to collect some fees – whether it’s £5, £10 or £20, your support would be grateful.
3) Cancel your monthly membership and pay for our live platform which is £7.99 per month.
If you wish to cancel your membership and NOT have your membership restart automatically, you will need to cancel your membership completely. To do so, you will need to email us or fill out our cancellation form.
A few things to note:
If you able to support the gym and continue paying your monthly fees, we would like to say HUGE thank you and offer a friend or family member a free month at the gym upon our return.
Refunds will generally not be issued once a payment has gone through. If you have recently made a payment, we will be able to issue a credit for when we reopen.

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