March Fitness Challenge

11 March, 2020

Fitness should be fun; it should also give you a challenge to work towards and trying out something new.

The week commencing the 23rd March, we will be holding a fitness challenge for you to participate in. The exact timings of these sessions will be noted on the timetable and will be completely free of charge for anyone participating.

What’s involved:

This is a timed event where you will have to:

1) Use the battleropes for 30 seconds – double arm slams

2) Row 500m

3) Do 10 squats with a barbell @ 50% bodyweight

4) Run 10 times between cones set out in the studio (15metre shuttle run)

5) Do 20 kettlebell swings with 8kg (easy) 12kg (medium) 16kg (hard)

6) Farmers walk 4 times between the same sprint course 12 (easy) 16kg (medium) 20kg (hard)

7) 10 step up onto medium sized box (jump allowed)

8) 10 ball slams (squat pick up and slam)

9) 30 second plank hold (elbows with knees or toes)

What do you get if you do it?

Loads of praise and a big up on social media… we want participating in events like this to be a self motivating challenge to have a go at and try something new.

We will record your time and keep a leader board going (but this will only be for some people’s interest)

Need to recover post challenge? No problem: We got your back! Anyone giving it a go will have a grenade bar or barebells bar on us!


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