How to progress/avoid hitting a plateau/how to fast track results.

19 February, 2019

How to progress/avoid hitting a plateau/how to fast track results.

While some workout plans work better than others, nothing works forever.

It is important to ensure workout plans show progression that is correctly periodised. This will ensure that the body is constantly progressing towards your goal, that the risk of injury and overtraining are reduced and your interest remains high.

Progression is a term used to describe the changes in sets, reps, weight (or load), rest periods that occur during the lifespan of a program. Programs that lack progression will be limited and won’t be effective for long. If you have stopped seeing progress within your program, you may simply have out grown it!

It is also important to remember when designing your plan to know your training age. So, what is your training age? How long you have trained without having a sustained break? Have you trained consistently for 6 months or have you trained on and off for 5 years. Consistency here is the key word. If you have trained consistently for 6 months, your training age is then 6 months. If you have stop-started, then your training age is virtually new born!! If that is the case, you can leave the classic ‘toys’ in the gym well alone and stick to the basics. The younger the training age, the longer you need to stick to the same programme to see improvements.

In summary, to fast track results…Agree the benchmarks, design and develop a periodised plan based on your training age and keep a diary of your results. Unfortunately there is no quick fix and no magic wand. Goals are tough, but the reward on achieving them is well worth it.

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