Gym Floor & Personal Training

Are there any gym rules I should be aware of?

Please view the club’s gym floor rules here.
The club reserves the right to terminate memberships where gym rules are not adhered to.

Do you offer towels?

Towels are not provided at the club so please remember to bring yours with you.  Sweat towels can be purchased in the vending machines if need be & we ask all members to wipe down equipment after use.

Can I bring my own Personal Trainer in to the club to train me?

Yes! Simply ask your Personal Trainer to complete this form.

Is Personal Training available?

Yes, if you’d like some help and motivation with your fitness goals you can book a competitively priced personal training session. Simply speak to one of our trainers when you are next in. Or complete a ‘Personal Trainer Request Form’ here. Once received we will contact you & arrange a trainer for you.

You can read the profiles of all our club Personal Trainers on the notice board on the gym floor.

Can someone show me how to use the equipment?

Of course, you can book yourself into a “Group Induction” either via the clubs website or via our app. A Group Induction lasts for 30 minutes and is ran by one of our fitness coaches. During this session you will learn how the machines work & some basic movements. We recommend all members have a Group Induction to ensure you know how to get the best results.

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