How will entry / exit changes take place to minimise “touch points” in the gym

We will be changing the entry and exit lanes, so that one gate is used exclusively for entry and the other for exit only.

This means you do not need to touch the exit buttons.

Will live online classes be made available when the gym reopens

We hope so!

Not all classes will be streamed live such as Les Mils for licensing purposes or Indoor Cycling.

Where we have instructor consent and the technology set up, we will most certainly make live classes available for those not able to come into the gym.

What extra measures will there be about the gym to keep me safe?

A number of things will be in place to keep people socially distanced:

A one way system will be in operation about the gym.

Entry and Exit will be through distinct speed lanes.

We will be asking members to go up the stairs one way and come down the far set of stairs by Exhale Pilates

We will be adding hand sanitiser and enhancing cleaning measures about the gym

Numbers of users will be restricted in the gym ranging from reduced members in classes or people being able to come onto the gym floor

I am due a refund; what do I need to do?

Please email us if you feel a refund is required. We will look at your email on a case by case basis.

Please note we are not monitoring emails 24/7 so please allow us some time to get back to you.

What will happen to my membership when the gym reopens?

We will write to you nearer the time about membership plans.

There will be a period of admin work to get everyone’s memberships back up and running correctly.

We will not be charging anyone registration fees at the point of reopening if you have cancelled your membership.

What precautions are being put in place to ensure social distancing when the gym reopens?

A number of things will be in place when the gym reopens (whenever this takes place).


Class numbers will be strictly restricted to ensure social distancing is possible.

We will be following UK Active/ Government guidelines around specific equipment that can and cannot be used in classes.



There will be a new Gym booking system to ensure social distancing is permitted.

This will apply to 1-1 PT sessions you may want to book in; we therefore encourage you to book your PT session well in advance.

We will also be removing (where practical) from the gym some of our equipment to space out things like Treadmills. There will be certain strength equipment that you will be only able to access upstairs or downstairs.


Changing rooms & Showers:

While guidance hasn’t been finalised, it will be likely that showers will not be in use for the foreseeable future.


Do you know when the gym will likely reopen following COVID-19?

When the Government announces that public and gym venues will be able to reopen, we will communicate with all members about reopening dates.


How do I attend Live Classes during the Government lockdown?

Daily live workouts are FREE OF CHARGE: With yoga, pilates, barre or circuits there is something for all. To access download Zoom and access details. 

Meeting ID: 977 755 7319 Password: 849490

You do not need to book into the class via the website or app. 

Do I need to let you know about extending my freeze?


We are for now automatically cancelling all membership payments until we reopen.

Some of our earlier email communications where we stated we would automatically restart your memberships can be disregarded.

I have a paid in full membership – what happens to my pre-payment?

When we are able to reopen the gym, we will automatically add the months we have been to closed to your membership. This means you do not lose out on any paid in full fees.