Boosting your immunity

16 March, 2020

By Claud Serjeant:

All nutritional products below should ideally be organic and from a reputable source 🙏🏻

Vitamin A is very protective against viruses. Organic beef Liver is a great source as well as a reputable acid Liver oil supplement with Vit A. Liver is quite potent and therefore only needs to be eaten once a week.

Vitamin D as we know is not a vitamin but an important regulatory hormone. Organic eggs, butter, fish and meats are the best sources. Vit D is key to immunology.

Cook everything in Coconut oil because it is high in saturated fat and contains Malic Acid. Malic acid is important for pathogen immunology. Saturated fat is key for the lungs to function well. Avoid margarine, low fat butters and spreads. They deplete the immune system by stimulating the stress mechanisms.

Have organic bone broths for a great injection of nutrients like gelatin and also improves detoxification and is less stressful for the body to break down.

Have plenty Vitamin C. I sometimes take up to 8000mg per day. It is a water soluble Vitamin and therefore if you have too much it will be excreted. If you have a loose bowl cut back a 1000mg.

Lastly a great supplement to get is organic oregano oil. This works wonders for the respiratory tract in fighting infection and keeping it ‘clean’.

Sleep is also vital for the internal organ and endocrine repair systems to recharge. Missing out on hours of sleep can decrease a healthy hormonal environment. Sleep should be from 10pm – 6, 7 or 8am.

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