Advice on how to set goals, boost motivation through the year and some tips for success

19 February, 2019

It is all too easy to shoot for the biggest star; however it is important that goals are SMART; Specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, timed. Be realistic in your goal setting and break big goals down into more achievable chunks. There is little point in setting up to fail by saying to yourself “Right, I want to lose a stone in 4 weeks”. Goals are achieved in one simple way – with a plan. Without a plan you can kiss your results goodbye.

Let’s also not ignore adherence. Sticking to something (even when you can’t be bothered!) is often the toughest part. With this in mind, use a diary to schedule in your workouts. Open your diary open every Sunday and plan your week of exercise ahead. It has been proven that if you schedule an event, you are less likely to miss it!

Once you have scheduled exercise into your diary, it is the important to track your workouts by ticking off when you have completed them. Viewing adherence history is critical to keep motivation high and success on the cards.

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