Accessing Live Classes

18 March, 2020

How to access live classes
1) Download the “Zoom” app to your computer or via app to your tablet/ phone.  
2) Register within our booking system with AT LEAST 30 minutes notice prior to the class. Please add your name ONLY to the “Live” class.  
3) Shortly before the class, we will send those registered an email with a Zoom link or code to access the class. Follow the link instructions to join the class.  
4) Be ready to workout!    
This is completely new to us, so we would ask for your patience while we sort out some of the practical things to broadcast well.. sound levels etc.    
Some of our classes will be more interesting with the use of functional equipment. We will announce this prior to the class in the Zoom email. 
To get going, classes will require no equipment but you may wish to purchase a resistance band or a set of dumbbells.
Our supplier Physical Company – will give our clients 10% discount on their product range and will deliver the items directly to you.  
We would recommend the HD Resistance Tubing and the Neo-Hex dummbells as versatile pieces of kit.   
 If you are a non member and wish to participate in a live class, we will be offering all users the ability to book in FREE of Charge for their first visit. 
Please use the promotional code – “FIT@HOME” by clicking here pricing option.  A day pass for multi-class access will cost £10 and all single classes will cost £7.50.  All monthly paying subscribers can access this class content within their membership plan.    
Finally – we will be offering all members to Les Mills on demand free of charge for 60 days. We are being set up as we speak and will email you with access details shortly. 

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